Piks Medium Kit (44 pieces)

22.500 KWD

Recommended Age: 3 to 12 years

Piks Medium includes 44 pieces as a whole:

33 × silicone cones (non-toxic)

11 × beech planks (solid wood)

1 instruction booklet (includes examples of Creative Cards)

A natural cotton bag

The Medium Kit is made up of 44 pieces, which will allow two to play: between brothers and sisters, cousins ​​and cousins, child and adult... and to know how to work together! The rule of the game is simple: build the highest or most original construction possible without dropping any pieces! And for that, you have to know how to show logic and reflection, attention and concentration to accomplish your mission! Piks has been specially designed with education specialists to provide essential benefits for the healthy development of children. The different silicone cones and the variety of shapes of the wooden boards allow you to make remarkable constructions, original characters using creative cards. 

The Medium Kit is ideal for two children, aged between 3 and 7 years old. 

The little extra: the Piks cotton bag is supplied with the game, perfect for storing it easily!

Piks has 4 possible game modes:

1. Free play
«The best rule is not to have any! Build the creation of your choice but remember this important and basic principle: you will always need at least three cones for a board to be stable.»

2. Figurative play
«With Piks, you can also create friends to play with. Use cones such as eyes or paws, a tray as a body and create all types of characters: crocodile, rhinoceros, etc... Use the creative cards to guide you through the construction.»

3. The Piks Tower
«Create the tallest tower without dropping any part! Try to place all the cones and boards you can. Three levels of difficulty are possible. The first: use the same types of cones per floor. Second: use at least two different types of cones per floor. The third: use the three types of cones possible per floor!»

4. The Battle of Piks
«From 2 to several players, challenge the balance with your opponents! Each player must place one floor in turn (3 cones and 1 board). The first one who makes the structure fall has lost. The last remaining player is the winner.»

Created thanks to the collaboration between design and education by O P P I ®, Piks was developed based on research and alternative solutions to attention and concentration disorders (ADHD).

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