La Cosa Explore!

30.000 KWD

La Cosa Explore! Italtrike the ride on for kids

Recommended Age : 1-6 years

la cosa Explore! is the latest entry in the Italtrike la cosa 1 family; it is the ride on for kids, conceived and designed to take children into a new undiscovered world. Three nice characters will lead them through their story during the most important phases of their psychomotor development. The children will learn balance on a moving product, to push and stop with their legs, to coordinate with their body and to take the direction of their journey. Sturdy ride on for kids with silent rubber wheels and intuitive steering: a perfect combination for children’s first rides and trips, even in small spaces. The la cosa Explore! is made of a polymer composed of at least 30% recycled and recyclable plastic. Four new models to enjoy the pleasure of getting lost in the wildest jungle or boundless space, rather than diving into the depths of the ocean or hiking through the forest’s hidden paths.

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