Fat Brain Toys - OombeeBall

11.500 KWD

Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age - 10 Months

A 2020 Toy of the Year Finalist! 

Matryoshka with a modern twist!

Each colorful ball is uniquely textured with fascinating dots, lines, and swirls. Meanwhile, short, safe tethers keep them all connected in a wonderfully wobbly row.

But the best part? Each ball opens up and fits snuggly into the next!

Clever innovation inspires hours of tactile exploration with OombeeBall.

Features -

Set of textured, tethered balls that open up and nest inside each other

Encourages sensory exploration, tactile learning, fine motor skills, object permanence, spatial reasoning

A cleverly innovative early-learning experience!

Each sphere engraved with vivid textures - Dots, lines, ribs, swirls

All parts are tethered together with short, safe tethers

Features 4 spheres that fit inside one another - Smallest sphere does not open up

High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability and safety

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